Chris Courtenay

How Long in entertainment business? I was given the opportunity to be the mascot for my high school pep rally. I ROCKED IT!!! I began dancing for a nationally known college dance troupe and  for a national recording artist. I was then bitten by the DJ bug  when I started rooming with a well known DJ In '95. The rest is, well, you know....

How Long with DLAND I just recently brought my talents to South Beach... LOL I have been blessed to have been here since March of 2013.

My StoryI thoroughly enjoy helping people enjoy themselves. It is so awesome to know that I was trusted to help make a lasting memory for those I entertained.

Left Field Stuff I once made a commercial for the Boy Scouts Of America when I was in elementary school. I guess I have always been comfortable on the mic. I also cried when Mufasa died in the first Lion King. I still get misty eyed almost 20 years later.